Legislative Advocacy and Parliamentary Counselling

OAL  has a track record in Parliamentary counselling and legislative consultancy in Nigeria. We draft, conduct advocacy, and monitor legislation development. We represent clients at Public hearings and focus group discussion on business impact laws and regulations. We are members of a high level network of legislative solicitors and public advocacy experts.

We have participated in legislative support for the leadership of the Senate and office of the Speaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. OAL is experienced at drafting and reviewing legislation; is highly networked and enjoys good, working relationship with Government Agencies. We have drafted and reviewed over 50 Bills for private, government, public and special interest groups.

The firm drafted AMCON Practice Directions 2013 and reviewed AMCON Act 2010; rules and legislation required to assist AMCON in the recovery of eligible and tainted bank assets. The firm enjoys good, working relationship with Government Agencies such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Debt Management Office (DMO) and the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

OAL  has expertise in legal drafting, and recently reviewed the Bankruptcy Act, Winding-Up Rules and the Federal High Court Rules. The firm is presently working on an initiative that will introduce multi-core procedure that will consist of rules, regulations and other incidental legislation that will assist the work of AMCON in its duties.

The firm has a strong delegation to the CBN FSS 2020 Legal Implementation team which is chaired by the Firm’s Senior Partner. The committee is charged with introducing legislation that will strengthen Nigeria’s Finance Service Sector.