We are one of the leading insolvency practitioners in Nigeria. We are currently working for the Government, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and financial institutions. We have achieved remarkable success in debt recovery in the last two years for Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) recovering over N100 billion and have also participated in successful restructure of debts or non performing loans for private organizations and individuals. We have held recovery briefs for large number of banks and diverse parties.

We use flexible battery of legal tools, such as Bankruptcy Action, Winding-Up, Receivers’ Action, simple debt actions, sequestration, litigation, mediation, negotiations, Commercial Injunctions and Regulation Action. We have also developed judgment enforcement mechanisms that ensure successful realization of judgement debts.  Issues of Insolvency are often connected to debt recovery, especially where it is necessary to file Bankruptcy and Winding-up actions against a debtor in order to recover the debt.

Our role as Insolvency Practitioners will be to ensure that our clients are fully represented in any Insolvency Proceedings that may involve the recovery of eligible and tainted assets. We track assets anywhere in the world in furtherance of recovery actions and have been useful in recoveries in UK, Middle East and United States of America.