As major a player is legal services delivery in transport sector, our firm has valuable experience   in aviation sector. We advise government agencies and operators on regulatory compliance, stakeholders’ advocacy, and review of aviation agreements covering charter issues, wet lease, registration, BASA (Bilateral Air Services Agreement).

Our firm developed the Aviation Cabotage Initiative. It is the framework that will trap and keep these resource flights without necessarily hampering Nigeria’s international aviation obligations. Aviation Cabotage essentially seeks the protection and promotion of indigenous operators and actors in vital sectors of the economy to enhance national economic development. The firm drives the National Aviation Reform project which is designed with focus on issues such as; Introduction of the FLY NIGERIA ACT, Maximizing the advantages of Bilateral Air Services Agreement between Nigeria and other high end aviation partner countries, Legal and Regulatory imperatives for the Aviation Safety to raise international acceptance and usability of Nigeria Air Space, Framework for utilization of Open Skies Arrangements and other International Protocols, And the Development of an National Aviation Policy.