Arbitration & ADR

OAL is very active in national and international high-level negotiations, mediation and arbitration. Our experience is very diverse. Our Mediation Center is the first law firm annexed ADR center in Nigeria. Our Senior Counsel is the 2nd Vice President of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Nigeria). OAL actively promotes advocacy ADR practice in Nigeria. We have provided mediation services for the Association of Licensed Telecommunication Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) on regulatory compliance provisions with Nigeria Communications Commission.

OAL  participated in the complex arbitration and mediation proceedings of the $8 million (Eight million dollars) Walvis vs Chevron Case, Participated in the biggest mediation settlement in Nigeria; the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company (NSPMC) and Ex-Mint Workers Conflict, OAL has been  involved in social, labor, civil society negotiations in Nigeria, participated in mediation Lagos State Government and Maroko Evictees Case, Participated in mediation/conciliation of Maritime dispute between Nigeria Maritime Authority and Brawal Shipping Company Limited, participated in Arbitration and ADR processes for debts recovery and management negotiations for Banks and financial institutions in Nigeria including Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, ACCESS Bank Plc, Spring Bank Plc etc.

We handled Real Estate Arbitration successfully for Hauwei technologies. We represented OMAK Maritime Ltd in maritime arbitration involving M.V Mamola Challenger; with a claim value of about 1million Dollars. We facilitate the use of mediation and negotiation in bankruptcy proceedings in Nigeria OA&A has made substantial academic contributions to arbitration development through thematic presentations for example, the International Arbitration Workshop organized and hosted by the Office of the Attorney General of the federation in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators-Nigeria in Abuja in 2004.

Our Managing Partner is a Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR-UK) Accredited Mediator and Listed as Member of the Panel of Arbitrators by Maritime Arbitrators of Nigeria.