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Corporate Communications Job Summary: The Corporate Communications Officer directs activities where lawyers and partners can utilize communication technologies to perform their functions of law practice, representation, communication and oversight effectively.

The job will also require the development of strategic plans for the Corporate Communications unit, in order to achieve the vision of the Firm.

Reports to: Business Development Partner

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develops a Corporate Communications Strategy and presents to the Business Development Partner for Review.
  • Implements strategic plans for the Corporate Communications office to facilitate the achievement of the Firm’s vision.
  • Projects the Firm’s activities to the public through media relations activities.
  • Coordinates media scheduling and logistics.
  • Creates and delivers press releases, media relations contents, social media content and speaking proposals.
  • Responds to press enquiries.
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships with internal and external key stakeholders to ensure proper dissemination of information.
  • Manages the firm’s social media accounts.
  • Coordinates content for newsletters, articles and other publications of the Firm.
  • Proactively cultivates relationships with media organizations that will promote the work and reputation of the Firm.
  • Performs other related work as required.

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